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AFD is proud to announce the release of our new range of Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct.


Main features and Description of AFD Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct:

  • Can be easily bent by hand while retaining its basic round shape.
  • Corrugated construction with triple locking system.
  • Extreme lightweight in construction.
  • It comes in plain and insulated acoustic forms
  • The insulated duct has R1.0m2 K/W Polyester retained by vapour barrier sleeve. (Can be insulated to any specific R VALUES upon request)
  • Uninsulated form can be compressed to 40% of its extended length for economical storage and ease of handling.
  • Non Combustible.

Performance ratings:

  • Air velocity

o    15m/s maximum

  • Working pressure

o    1000Pa maximum

  • Working vacuum

o    1000Pa maximum

  • Working temperature uninsulated

o    250 deg C on internal and external surface

  • Working temperature insulated

o    120 deg C internal surface

o    80 deg C on External surface

Semi Rigid Aluminium Ducts are now available from:

  • AFD Distribution Centre based in Chipping Norton, NSW

At AFD, manufacturing quality products for our customers is at the core of everything we do.


(Click here to view Full Range of Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct)

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