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Trusted Brands Distributed by AFD

AFD stocks an extensive range of TROX products that are ready on demand in our warehouse facilities located in Chipping Norton NSW. With an exciting range of products from TROX, together with AFD’s current and constantly expanding range of products, AFD looks forward to fulfilling all of its customers’ needs both now and well into the future.

With QPRO, we are equipped to provide custom-made, premium air distribution products. We can provide solutions for projects and works that need more than the standard, ready on demand products. These are personalised for your exact needs. This means we can customise everything from curved linear slot diffusers that conform to architects’ design concepts, to large weatherproof louvres that satisfy engineers’ air relief requirements. Our ability to craft solutions takes the worry out of unique projects.

Qline provides a wide range of product types and sizes to satisfy a large variety of customer needs. This includes everything from diffusers and grilles to ducts and insulated panels. These products are ready on demand in our storage facilities to provide you with the products you need, when you need it. The hallmarks of Qline are quality and convenience. On top of the testing and accreditation of our products, many are designed for easy installation, for the convenience of installers, and with easy adjustment features, for the better comfort of occupants.

Broad range of flexible ducting, suitable for both domestic and commercial building applications.

SUPAFLEX is now available from:
– Our Distribution Centre based in Chipping Norton, NSW

SUPAFLEX complies with Australian Standards AS4254 as tested in 2018. Test certificates are available on request.

SUPAFLEX has a reinforced outer sleeve to prevent ripping on site and is available in a range of R-values, plain and acoustic insulated flexible duct.

ALP. The pioneer of light weight duct technology introduced the concept over 40 years ago to the world. ALP continues to lead the way we think of duct today, with its technological advancements in both clean air delivery by way of true patented anti-microbial coating first of its kind pre-insulated round duct technology and its fully accredited systems for both internal and external use, ALP continues to lead the industry ensuring sustainability and low environmental impact are maintained.

Manufactured in Sydney to the highest quality, Lorient LVH44 & LVH44C intumescent fire dampers offer a rugged, reliable solid state design, that unlike conventional mechanical fire dampers do not contain any moving parts. They are tested and approved in accordance with the very latest fire test standards and offer designers, specifiers and mechanical contractors a simple fire damper solution that is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

ECODUCT is an environmentally friendly low profile duct system that is specifically designed for high-rise apartment applications where limited ceiling spaces are common. Designed sourced and made in Australia, ECODUCT is the premium environmentally friendly and best practice PVC product on the market. With these credentials and up to 50% recycled PVC incorporated you can rest assured you are using the best product in the ever-growing green star building industry.

(Click here to view ECODUCT brochure)